A downloadable questing

Currently in development:


In one of the harshest environment the gaming industry has ever seen. Start out with nothing and work your way into civilizations.

Customize your character:

Every trait your character has will directly impact their capabilities to survive in different environments.


The multiplayer function will focus on driving the players into civilizations as fast as they can get to one. From there the civilizations will go to war depending on the actions of the NPC's and players that are in civilizations.


Civilizations will work as follows; Empire --> City state --> Village Typically you will start in a village where you will work your way up or remain in the village doing work on fields, but you can start in a higher position if you play your moves smartly.

Quest line:

A unique quest system will be create which will randomly generate a quest line that is intriguing and fun to play while still varying from the last.